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Back The Bluegrass seeks to facilitate a turnaround for Kentucky’s Democrats by focusing on data driven campaigns. A strategy that hinges on long term polling projects that will not only provide valuable data, but will also more accurately target flippable seats in 2018 and beyond. Simply put, the goal is to bring a more strategic type of campaigning to Kentucky’s progressive field and the untapped pool of millennial candidates here. Our organization is primed to exact just the change we described above. With an unprecedented number of progressive millennials showing interest in holding public office, the opportunity to build a stronger bench for Democrats in Kentucky has never been better.

"Kentucky progressives can’t afford to cede another office, another district, and another seat at the table. The fact is, when you’re not at the table – you’re on the menu."

Grace A. Wise, Director of Back The Bluegrass


Back The Bluegrass Names Twelve To Diverse New Board

Back The Bluegrass announces board packed with Kentucky’s progressive up-and-comers and party veterans. Lexington KY – Back The Bluegrass, a statewide effort to build a

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New PAC Seeks to Resuscitate Kentucky Democrats

Kentucky’s top Democrats launch effort to stack their bench with millennial candidates. Lexington, KY – A new political action committee, Back The Bluegrass, kicked off

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Help us elect the next generation of progressive leaders

Kentuckians are hungry for a new, meaningful direction. I’m excited to extend to you the opportunity to join us in the battle to take back democratic ground in Kentucky.



Grace Wise

Wise currently serves as the Director of Back The Bluegrass, leading the charge for building a stronger bench of progressive millennial candidates in the Commonwealth.

Grace Wise

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